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Farm and Ranch Mesh Network

Do you have 10 acres or 100 acres? Do you want to see who is at the driveway, but the driveway is thousands of feet away? Do you want to see the tank levels for the livestock but its a 20 minute ride to do so? We can make your days more productive with less time spent checking on certain things around the property. 

We have designed and installed dozens of mesh networks for farm and ranch properties around Texas. We can recommend a surveillance company with the latest HD cameras and offerings to streamline the daily operation's.

Networking & Cabling

Many of the new homes do not come prewired for Cat5e/Cat6. If you desire a wired connection rather than a wireless connection we can add data drops for you around the house. Or, if you would like to have full wireless coverage in the home, barn or around your property we can assist with that as well.

Shop & Barn Wireless Bridge

Some of our customers have shops or barns that are just a little too far away from the house or main service location, we can remedy this with a Point to Point (PTP) wireless bridge. We will evaluate the situation and recommend a hardware solution based on the customers needs. Typically this will consist of a couple small radios that link up a dedicated path between the two structures. This method uses a fixed wireless link and is not subject to the poor signal of traditional WiFi radios. All options can be discussed in depth with a phone call or a site survey.

Towers & Tripod's

If you require a mast or a small tower to reach above the tree line or other obstacles we can help you with sourcing a proper solution, we can also provide a turnkey installation.

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