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The typical loss of internet connection can be associated to the loss of connection to one or several of the connected network devices. So go ahead and verify that everything is physically connected and has power.

 If all devices are plugged in and have power but you still cannot connect to the internet try these steps.

* For wired devices and computers start with restarting the computer or device, this will cause the network card to look for a new connection and sometimes this is all it takes. 

* For wireless devices try and power cycle the Wi-Fi Router or access point, give it a couple minutes to restart and find it's new connection and try again.

* If neither of these methods work you will next want to power cycle the NTX Fiberwave POE device first and than your internet Router.  The POE (Power Over Ethernet) brick is either a small black or white box (smaller than a deck of cards) that has 3 cables plugged into it. One cable is the AC Power cable from your electrical outlet and the other two are ethernet cables. One ethernet port is labeled LAN (goes to your router) and the other is labeled POE (goes to the roof antenna). The easiest method to power cycle the NTX Fiberwave POE / Equipment is to unplug the AC power plug from the outlet for 10 seconds and plug back in. Take notice that you see lights on the POE brick after you plug it in.

* Slow Speeds - Often we find slow speeds to be caused by a streaming device that was left on, or a windows PC or smart device performing updates in the background. Always double check to see if something is left on, NTX Fiberwave servers can generate connection reports if you are having mysterious speed issues.

*Speed Test's - If you are performing a speed test make sure you are testing from a wired connection, speed tests from a wifi connection are not always reliable depending on the type or Wi-Fi router used or the distance from the router. The actual speed results of a test are just a piece of the puzzle. Latency and jitter can impact speed test results, this is something that can be more problematic if you do not have a quality Wi-Fi signal between your device and router. If you are constantly experiencing slow test results over Wi-Fi connections feel free to email us at

If none of these methods have restored the internet connection please call NTX Fiberwave at 833-338-WAVE for further troubleshooting.

Maintenance Tips

Here are a few simple tips for keeping your devices happy :)

*Reboot  - A computer or device that has been on for a long time could have many background processes running and could be making your browser and applications run slow.  So reboot your devices ever so often, and more often if they "go to sleep" rather than shutdown.

*Update - Keep your operating system, browser and antivirus software up to date. Regular hacks and exploits often target devices that are not kept updated. One of the biggest reasons for OS and software updates it to keep the device secure. 

*Anti Virus - Some are better than others, you may need to play around with what suits you best. We have seen many people happy with free antivirus such as Sophos, Avast and AVG. Just remember to keep their virus definitions up to date!

Contact Support

            If you have tried the above listed steps and are still have any connection issues please call or email us at                                                                           833-338-WAVE (9283) or

For regular support customers, we can be reached Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm

For premium support customers we are available 24/7

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