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  • Can conditions like tree cover and distance from the tower affect my ability to get service?
    In most cases, you need a direct line of sight to get service. Occasionally, we are able to use a different type of antenna to enable customers to get service, but heavy tree cover as well as distance from the tower will degrade the signal. Our customer service team will evaluate your line of sight and schedule an appointment if they feel you are within the line of sight area. If a technician comes to your location and is not able to establish a direct line of sight, you will not be charged. We strive for quality and will not install services unless you have a good connection to one of our CDP towers.
  • What is meant by "fixed high speed wireless""
    We refer to our service as fixed wireless broadband because, unlike DSL or cable, there are no actual wires or cables connecting out to the service. We transmit service wirelessly from our local towers. We install an antenna on your home, generally on the roof or other high point, directed at one of our towers. Then a wire is run to a small wireless router plugged into a nearby outlet. Fixed wireless and satellite internet are similar in the way they both require a dish to receive the signal, but that is where the similarity ends. Fixed wireless broadband is more reliable, with low latency, no data caps, and lower cost. Therefore, you can download or upload large files (software, updates, large email attachments, etc.), run a VoIP phone system, stream music in your home or office, or use internet-based applications and databases as much as you need to in order to keep your business running at its best.
  • How long does it take to get service?
    If your home or business is within range of one of our CDP towers and has line of sight to that tower, we can usually install within a week.
  • Do weather conditions affect the connection?
    Weather changes generally have very little effect on our wireless network, however if there is a loss of power at your home or business you will not be abler to access the internet unless you have a uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Our staff can make recomendations for a UPS if you would like.
  • When are your technical support and customer service available?
    Our networks are monitored 24/7 and, should there be a network issue, we will send a notice to your account email address and to let you know. Our customer service center hours are 7am to 7pm CST Monday through Friday, and 24/7 for premium support. You can also email 24/7
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