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NTX Fiberwave Offers High Quality Unlimited High Speed Internet

And We Do Not Oversell Our Towers

Serving Wise and Parker Counties In North Texas

Living the country life should not mean you must give up the luxury of high speed internet.    Today more entertainment and educational content than ever is available to us in the form of streaming content, and more people are working from home. Having an internet provider that can deliver premium service and friendly support is just as important as other utilities.
The biggest struggle out here has been finding a provider that really delivers what they are selling. We pride ourselves on this, just check our Google reviews.

Browse our packages to decide what best fits your families needs.


Our Servuces

How We Stand Out

We want you to be satisfied with your internet service. We offer competitive rates and do not have any contracts, because at the end of the day we want what is best for everyone.  Our mission is quality of internet service, we are locally owned and committed to providing the best service to our community, friends and family.

We provide a custom internet solution which means no more suffering with the buffering

How We Deliver

NTX Fiberwave uses a fixed wireless connection to your home or office. Fixed Wireless Service is a method of delivering high-speed data via a wireless (microwave) connection between two fixed points. This secured connection is always on and you simply plug in your router and away you go. Our CDP (community distribution point) provides the service right to your receiver, we run cabling into the home or office and connect to your router. Installation typically takes about 2 hours, if you do not have a router just let us know and we can make a recommendation for you.

Line of site to one of our towers is the only thing that is needed for our service. In some cases where tall trees or low elevation is a problem we may need to add a small antenna mast or a small tower to deliver reliable services. This can be determined during the no obligation initial site survey. NTX Fiberwave will not install services if the connection does not meet our performance standards. 


If you're looking for a reliable internet provider, you've found it! NTX Fiberwave more than delivers on their promises. They understand the importance of dependable internet service and go above and beyond to deliver just that. The customer service is the best, they are responsive to any questions and are so helpful. I encourage anyone looking for internet service to call Tristan...I promise you won't be disappointed!

M. Torres
Paradise, Tx

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